Election Night

Gonna ease myself into this so here is an older one                                                       Originally written November 8th

           I have this feeling that when I wake up tomorrow I will live in a world changed. For good or for ill or for indifference. No matter who I voted for or who is right or wrong or who I think is right or wrong, it will be different. And then again maybe it will be only slightly changed or so we can hope. Like a parallel world running so closely to ours. Because Star Wars movies are going to continue to come out, and Buzzfeed will continue to make gif lists about Friends every 15 minutes, and people are still going to point telescopes at the stars and wonder, and the Cubs will have won a world series this century, and I am still gonna wonder why everyone spoke English in the Raiders of the Lost Ark, and people are going to keep adapting Jane Austen stories, and I will go to trivia on Tuesday nights and the true color of that dress may still elude us, and I am still going to believe it is the people not the system that are inherently flawed.
So, I am going to awake in a world that is still broken and the state of the union, the numbers in the Senate or House of Representatives or even who occupies the seat of president will not alter that. My work here has very little to do with what I draw a line to on my ballot. My goal here is to make my small portion of the world a little better. And people have thrown God around a lot in discussion of political beliefs this election, as every before in America. Whether in regards to how could I, as a Christian vote one way or another or in my own notions of God’s power. But I am not being asked to believe in God when I vote. I am asked to believe in people, which my God, is so much harder.